Four years fighting corruption

Prishtina, June 25 – Today is the fourth universarry of the establishment of FOL Movement. Since its establishment until today, FOL Movement was engaged in raising the level of transparency and accountability, encouraging citizen participation in political and public life, and supporting the processes of state-building and democratization of the country.

FOL began working with only one computer and the staff consisted of three people, nowadays there are fifteen people in the organization, about 300 activists, and over fifty members who within the Assembly Members govern directly the organization.
During these years FOL has organized several round tables, various petitions, protests and public performances, various publications, several schools for active citizenry, and hundreds of different activities with the aim of involving civil society in the process of state -building, a process our country is going through.

Our achievements during these four years are many: hundreds of high school students have benefited from the debate program, which offers the best opportunity for young people to develop their potential for critical thinking, active participation and reaction. FOL was the first organization to open procurement offices for inspection by civil society, something that has contributed directly to reduce the opportunities for misuse. We have also tried to bring togetjer public institutions with citizens, we have participated in many working groups drafting anti-corruption laws, and we published regular reports on the level of corruption, transparency and malpractice in public procurement. A one-month campaign in 2011, in cooperation with the State Prosecutor has opened this institution, reducing traditional prejudices about prosecution. Our work has encouraged other organizations of civil society to further this initiative.

FOL Movement, during this year’s was actively involved in the membership of the Republic of Kosovo in the Open Government Partnership – OGP, where membership in this organization will mean the opening of the institutions regarding spending public money.
FOL is committed to continue with its efforts and contribution to bring institution together with citizens, to decline corruption in the country, and to enhance transparency and accountability of public institutions about spending the state budget.
FOL thanks all the members of the Advisory Board, the members of the Assembly of FOL, activ members and supporters, media and donors for the great help and support they have provided over the years.