FOL Open with the Minister of Trade and Industry Mrs. Hykmete Bajrami

Prishtina, March 23, 2017 – Movement FOL with the support of Charles Stewart Mott Foundation has held the next debate in Open format FOL with the Minister of Trade and Industry, Hykmete Bajrami.
Petrit Zogaj from FOL Movement said that Minister Bajrami will discuss about the work of this ministry for this period of mandate, about the actions that have been accomplished and the works that are in process.

Minister Bajrami praised this kind of discussion by saying that it is a very good opportunity to disclose the work of the ministry she leads. Being a ministry that has a large portfolio of 7 agencies, Minister Bajrami said that this ministry enjoys the support of small and medium enterprises, it is a business climate regulator and has responsibility for trade and industrial policy . She added that with the support of the government have focused on improving the investment climate. “The business environment has improved, this is what the World Bank, business associations and businesses in Kosovo have accepted,” said Minister Bajrami.

Moreover, according to the minister, it was also worked on the approximation of legislation, where 10 laws have been passed, of which the most important is the law on strategic investments. This law has made it possible to open the way for foreign investment, as has happened with several Canadian companies that have sought strategic investor status. So far, according to her, 32 contracts have been signed with foreign investors who have expressed interest in investing in Kosovo.

Minister Bajrami said that in 2015 we have given a large number of grants to Kosovar companies which have succeeded even where one of them has started exporting its products. The number of registered businesses is 10 thousand and 500, where in 2015 there was a triple of businesses, and in 2016 there was a doubling of business registration, “she said adding to the remarkable growth of women-owned businesses. Regarding business extinction, she said that up to now 20 percent of businesses have been extinguished.

Minister Bajrami among others said that during her mandate they have licensed 8 economic zones which will provide a good infrastructure for those areas. “We have licensed 8 economic zones, an area in the Drenas park, two areas in Suhareka, a park in Lipjan, we have invested 200 thousand euros in the industrial zone in Mitrovica, we will try to offer infrastructure in these areas,” she said adding We have increased the number of standards, cooperation with Albania is good and are working to have direct connection with the European Union regarding the standards.

Minister Bajrami said that currently in MTI there are no officials under investigation that works and all those officials who are under investigation are suspended from work.
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