3 years of pressure from FOL caused the Ministry of Finance to provide access to data on the assessment of expropriations

Pristina, September 23, 2021 – In 2018, the FOL Movement addressed a Request for Access to Public Documents to the Ministry of Finance on the process of evaluating properties along the construction route of the Pristina-Gjilan highway. These data throughout this period, despite the insistence of the FOL Movement for their publication, and despite the change of 3 parties in power, have been kept closed to the public.

The Ministry of Finance during this period, with various reasons, denied our approach to be informed about this process. Until today, after three years of public pressure and after a complaint to the Information and Privacy Agency, it was possible for FOL to have access to these data.

The data received by the Ministry of Finance will be analyzed and made public in the coming days.

The spending of public money must be transparent. Where there is a lack of transparency, there are suspicions of misuse.