Open Government Partnership Action Plan is being implemented

Prishtina, 30 April 2014 – FOL Movement praises the approval of National Action Plan for Open Government Partnership. After more than a year of intensive work of the group consisted of civil society organizations and public institutions in the process of drafting the National Action Plan for Open Government Partnership (OGP), the Government of Kosovo approved the two-year plan yesterday.

The obligations arising from this National Plan are exceptionally important for policy-making, function of institutions and providing services to citizens, and their participation in decision-making. This plan clearly shows the actions to be taken by the Government and public institutions in areas such as: Improving Public Services; Increasing public integrity; More effective management of public resources; and Increasing corporate accountability.

Moreover, the plan defines clearly the deadlines of the actions that public institutions should take in order to improve services in health, education, public finances, agriculture, civil service, public administration and a series of other sectors in order to progress services to citizens and political and public accountability. Therefore, the approval of this plan is an important news and the beginning of its implementation will be a very good news for the citizens of the country.
FOL will actively monitor each step which will be taken by public institutions during the implementation of the plan in terms of monitoring and supervising the implementation of this Plan. FOL will make sure that such monitoring will involve other factors in Kosovo, as well as representatives of civil society in Open Government Partnership.

Open Government Partnership – OGP is a global inter-governmental initiative, which began in the autumn of 2011 and its mandate is to create conditions for an open and accountable government towards citizens in the respective countries. This global mechanism obliges its member states to implement their national plans otherwise they may be excluded from this global initiative. The Republic of Kosovo is in a sensitive stage of negotiating for membership in OGP, where careful steps are taken in the accession process, believing that one day Kosovo will become a member of the OGP.