Clean government and President with integrity are necessary for the country

Prishtina, February 21, 2011– Movement FOL welcomes the constitution of new legislation of Assembly of Kosovo. After 4 months of political and institutional crisis finally it is expected to form the new institutions, government and the President of Kosovo. 120 new members of the assembly, as legitimate representatives of the people are charged with a big responsibility in this mandate. Commitment to democracy and rule of law will be tested today, by voting for the new Government and President of the country.

Movement FOL, through an activity-protest require all those who have received the mandate of the voters to elect a clean and competent government, and the President must be a credible person who can represent the unity of the citizens, without difference.

Considering the problems and challenges that the state is facing, in particular the damaged image recently, FOL Movement appeals to the newly elected members of the assembly off the Republic of Kosovo, that with their vote to elect the institutions that guarantee proper functioning of democratic governance and stability.

Petrit Zogaj of FOL Movement stated that “This soap detergent and these 120 soaps cast in the yard of the Assembly are clear indications that the country is embroiled in a extreme political impurity. The fact that in the first legislature of an independent state, which aims to operate according to European values, are also elected parliamentarians who are under investigation or suspected of wrongdoing, and this deeply harms the credibility of every citizen in a fair law-making, impartially and in defense of the country’s interests. “

Besides that the demaged image of Kosovo now is a fact, also the mistreatment of fundamental constitutional and legal principles during the negotiations for a coalition government has brought the possibility that the head of the state become a man with a very controversial past, who even was investigated by a friend state of Kosovo.

Also, considering that the symbolic value of the highest office in the country is already severely damaged by the previous President, who was forced to leave the office because of the violation of the Constitution, this does not seem a prudent political action about the current political situation of the country.

FOL believes that the members of the assembly should serve the interests of the citizens of Kosovo, and not serving the interests of their party or personal ones. They should not vote for institutions that would not be credible to face internal and external challenges facing Kosovo.

Further, Mr. Zogaj added, “These circumstances oblige them to vote people with integrity and competent to fight corruption and organized crime, repair the damaged international image and who will pave our path towards European Union”.

Movement FOL requires all institutions to continue to be responsible in their actions, accountable egarding their decisions and transparent to the citizens. This is the only way that our country should be placed as the process of state building, democratization and good governance.