The state advocacy won 516 court cases – the budget demanded nearly 13 million euros

Pristine, 21 MAY 2021 – Levizja FOL with the support of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Kosovo, has published today the report “Efficiency of State Advocates during 2020”, which includes data about the importance and the work of State Advocacy during  2020.

Mexhide Demolli – Nimani – Executive Director of the FOL Movement, said that FOL with the support of the Dutch Embassy in Kosovo has monitored the work of the State Advocacy for 2020. This institution has a big empact, because it protects the state  from different lawsuits from an individual or a company. “Millions of euros from the state budget can be protected from the efficiency of the work of this institution, just as millions can be lost from their failure”, said Demolli-Nimani.

Albana Hyseni – researcher in the FOL Movement, said that during the period January-December 2020 a total of 2,180 new cases were created where state institutions were represented by the State Advocacy. According to her, the largest number of these cases were from non-contentious procedure (708 cases), followed by administrative procedure cases (632 cases), contentious procedure (599 cases), execution procedure cases (174 cases) and finally, from the criminal procedure cases( 68 cases). From the judgments received in 2020, the State Advocacy had won 516 cases, lost 431 cases, while 99 cases were returned for retrial, 25 cases for reconsideration and 98 cases for reconsideration. From these representations, the institutions of the Republic of Kosovo had earned a total of 12.8 million euros. Meanwhile, the amount paid by state institutions to the parties that have succeeded in court disputes in 2020 was 3.5 million euros “, said Hasani. We recommend to increase the transparency of the State Advocacy on the official website of the Ministry of Justice, by presenting all information and documents of public character, since there is a great lack of their publication “concluded Hasani.

Sami Istrefi – The State Attorney General said that considering the role and function that this institution has, it is well covered by legal acts and that the priority of this institution is to be as open as possible in the work they do. “As an independent institution with a very important role, we face great challenges which also affect our work. Given the large number of cases, over 20 thousand and the small number of staff, a total of 9 lawyers. Mr. Istrefi stressed the need to increase the number of lawyers and support staff, as currently in this institution there are no professional associates and the need for training which is lacking for state attorneys, “said Istrefi. According to him, the lack of proper cooperation with the relevant institutions, which are being sued, is still a concern, a challenge that is affecting the work of this institution and the loss of cases, in which case great financial damage is caused to the state.