Truth-o meter of Kosovo State Leaders

Statement 1

“During our next 15 months of term government, my government will fulfill all criteria to enable the free movement of the citizens of the Republic of Kosovo visa-free throughout Europe.”
Author: Hashim Thaçi ” Prime Minister of Kosovo
Date: 10 December 2010

Evaluation: FALSE
Justification: This promise was given during the election campaign in 2010 by the chairman of the Democratic Party of Kosovo, Mr. Hashim Thaci. However, this promise was not realized and as such, this statement is false. It”s been more than 15 months and Kosovo government has not met the criteria that would enable free movement of citizens of Kosovo to the European Union countries. European Commission on the day of delivery of the guide for visa has provided for the Government 101 criteria which must be met by the Government of Kosovo.

Statement 2

“I am convinced that the political class in Kosovo without exception has realized that the fight against organized crime and corruption will be a prerequisite for further integration processes.”
Author: Vlora Çitaku, Minister of integration
Date: 13 June 2012

Evaluation: Contradictory
Justification: What does this statement of Minister Citaku mean” Political class was not aware before June 2012 about the importance of fighting corruption as a prerequisite for EU integration” Does this statement mean that fighting corruption and organized crime should occur only for the sake of the European Union” It is a contradictory statement and disturbing, because exposes a rather worrying situation regarding the negative role of politics in fighting corruption and organized crime.

Statement 3

“Let me say this openly that even now we can say that there is misuse at this level.”
Author: Fehmi Mujota, Minister of infrastructure
Date: 06 June 2012

Evaluation: Contradictory
Justification: Despite the numerous abuses in the Ministry of Infrastructure, Minister Mujota say acts like he does not have any responsibilities for such affairs in his ministry. Furthermore, it is Minister Mujota, who has qualified his friend printing driver’s license tests, without following the procedures of procurement and this is clearly a conflict of interest.

Statement 4

“EULEX is not doing anything in the fight against corruption at high levels.”
Author: EULEX, European Union Rule of Law Mission
Date: 12 June 2012

Evaluation: False
Justification: While EULEX presence in Kosovo is of great importance regarding EU-Kosovo relations, as well as the contribution of this mission continues to be important in the process of state-building and rule of law, unfortunately the results of EULEX -it are insufficient. FOL has decided to answer to the question made by EULEX, saying that this mission is not doing the fight against corruption at high levels of the state. The truth is that the spread of corruption and situation in Kosovo has not changed anything since the arrival of EULEX. A commitment of EULEX to investigate alleged cases of high level of corruption such as Central Bank, ministers, former ministers and other senior officials is seen to be non-serious and impossible for this mission. If you look at anti-corruption statistics we find out that they are the prosecutors and judges those who have done something against corruption and not EULEX. In the end, all those who have watched this campaign on billboards they have noticed that anything that EULEX is doing is characterized as “following”.

Statement 5

“The law (seizure of unlawful property) shall be issued within this half of the year and it will be applied to everyone.”
Author: Hajredin Kuçi
Data: 16 March 2012

Evaluation: FALSE
Justification: Mr. Kuci has made this statement on March 16, 2012. With all the many words of the Minister of Justice, Kuçi, that the law will be issued within 6 months of this year, and Civil Society recommendations will find their place in this draft law, his actions have shown just the opposite. This is due to the fact that this law is not yet approved by the Assembly of Kosovo and the recommendations of civil society are disregarded by the Ministry of Justice as part of this law.


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