Launch of the E-Court platform

Prishtina, 11 May 2017 – Lëvizja FOL as part of the “Seek for Justice” program has launched the e-Court platform today ( Unlike the Kosovo Judicial Council’s existing portal, this platform provides multiple and diverse filters, enabling access to judicial decisions in an easy, fast and creative form.

Gersi Gashi from the Lëvizja FOL said that this platform contributes to enhance the transparency of the judiciary by creating easier access for citizens and different actors of the judiciary. “In the platform-Courts there are over 700 judgments, the search of which is easier on the basis of 13 different filters. Also, over 1,600 form of declarations of the assets of judges have been placed in a visualized manner. The purpose of this platform is to provide a new way of accessing information to the judiciary. The courts that have issued most decisions are Prishtina, Prizren and Gjilan, while those with the least are Mitrovica, Peja, and Gjakova, “said Gashi.

Lëvizja FOL through this project is pushing forward the necessary legal changes for publishing all decisions and other information about the judiciary in order to increase transparency. The project also aims to raise the awareness of the judiciary about the record and publication of reasons for non-attendance of hearings. Both of these would be concrete actions that would improve the transparency of the judiciary in order to increase citizens’ trust.

The platform enables to search the decisions based on different filters such as: (a) legal basis (law / code and relevant article), (b) date of court decision, (c) date of initiation procedure and ten (10) different filters. The platform has also presented in a visualized manner the declarations of the property of the judges.

The Seek for Justice Program is funded by the US State Department / INL and implemented by the National Center for State Courts to support a strong evidence-based development of evidence-based justice in Kosovo. Through the Law Search Program, NCSC is mobilizing Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) partners to act as agents of change by promoting accountability, transparency and integrity in the justice sector.