Prishtina, 9 December 2017 – Lëvizja FOL through the USAID-supported Transparent, Effective and Accountable Municipal Program has organized an awareness-raising performance to mark the International Day against Corruption.

Jeton Zulfaj from Lëvizja FOL said that this performance was organized within the framework of the anti-corruption week, which has been marked by various activities led by a civil society coalition alongside the US Embassy and USAID, therefore a special thank is dedicated to USAID and this program that have supported this activity.

“The word Corruption is used around the world to describe the abuse of power for personal gain. In developed countries, corruption is associated with white ties and wealthy and influential individuals, while in poor countries it is associated with economic destruction, authoritarian regimes, and abuse of human and natural resources. Neither Kosovo is no exception in this regard, “Zulfaj said.

According to him, while the word corruption is used to describe the aforementioned phenomena, the word itself has never been analyzed in the context. “At first glance, it seems that the word ends with -ON, which is internationally a signal that expresses something active, something that works and is in action. Since we cannot change the word Corruption, on the International Day against Corruption we will change its meaning. Today, we are preventing corruption, from ON to OFF, “Zulfaj said.