Training with students on fighting and preventing corruption

Pristina, June 25-26th, 2016. FOL Movement held a two-day training with students from Faculty of Law and Political Science. Invited to discuss on this topic was Mr. Admir Shala-Prosecutor at the Special Prosecution of Republic of Kosovo. This training was held with 20 selected students from 250 applicants.
In the beginning the Prosecutor explained the work of the Prosecution and the cases they work on, while emphasizing that corruption is one of the biggest problems the Prosecutions deals with.

“There are still high barriers in fighting corruption and the fear of losing the job is still present. Kosovo has the highest percentage of corruption compared to countries in the region and Europe, and this has had a considerable impact in the development of the country”- he said.

During this training was discussed the role of the media in fighting corruption as in informing and mobilizing the citizens on corruption, increasing public pressure and publishing the work of prosecutors.

“We are facing a law crisis, since the laws against corruption have been misunderstood”- sad among others the Prosecutor while adding that political will is very important in fighting corruption.

During the second day the students were very active through questions on specific actions on corruption, while understanding how theoretical aspect is put into practice.
Prosecutor Mr.Admir Shala, explained investigative techniques and methods on corruption cases and mentioned financial investigations as well as the difficulties the Prosecutions faces during the investigations.

In the end of the training, the students were certified for their participation.

This training was supported by UNDP and the Embassy of Netherlands.