The fight against crime and corruption should be productive

Prishtina, January 6, 2011 – The fight against organized crime and corruption in the Republic of Kosovo has come at a critical point. In the situations we are right now there is no space for corruption and organized crime along with rhetoric about the rule of law. Been in this situation, the citizens of Kosovo are the viewer of the actions that are ruining the democratic values of our society and the country’s European future.

Ramadan Ilazi, executive director of the Movement FOL, said that local and international law enforcement institutions shall end the practice of rhetorical reaction to criminal acts of corruption. According to him, the fight against crime and corruption is the responsibility of Kosovo’s institutions, but also an obligation of the European Union Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo – EULEX.

“While in 2010 there was progress in the fight against crime and corruption, this progress has been limited, minimal and in no way compatible with what the country needs to see in this regard. Appointment of Judges and Prosecutors, drafting the Law on Courts, establishment of Anti-corruption Task Force, are appreciated as good news during the year 2010. However, even in the institutional aspect something is done, the progress report on Kosovo by the European Commission has stated again that the country has serious problems with corruption and organized crime, “said Ilazi.

According to him, the judicial system in Kosovo continues to be in serious condition and as the major part within the rule of law institutions, the state of the judiciary is the best indicator of the progress of EULEX regarding the rule of law component. “While the largest part of the stuff of EULEX is concentrated in the police sector, they say they have no policemen for Kosovo’s north, and on the other hand, the Kosovo Police estimation is too high by EULEX! We therefore demand from this mission to focus on the justice sector more, “said Ilazi.

Meanwhile Armend Mazreku, policy analyst at the FOL Movement said that in some cases, EULEX, instead of arresting, convicting and punishing persons involved in criminal activities and corruption, this mission is shown “compassionate” by releasing them, arguing “lack of evidence.” In these cases, according to Mazreku, Kosovo Judges and EULEX ones, they could punish these groups at least for illegal construction or illegal possession of fire arms.

“We ask EULEX to justify their own presence in Kosovo, by fighting corruption and criminal activities. Its mandate is not only to advise and supervise the Kosovo institutions, because this mission has the executive mandate in particular for cases dealing with organized crime and corruption. If EULEX continues with current practice, where the fight against crime and corruption is only rhetorical, then this mission is pointless, “he said.

Mazreku said that on this occasion, we wish to express our concern about the non-signing of the decision to dismiss the former Governor of Central Bank of Kosovo by the Acting President of Kosovo, Krasniqi. “Even though the recommendation for his dismissal was approved by the CBK Board and by Assembly, acting president Krasniqi has not signed his dismissal yet. We strongly request by the acting President to sign the dismissal decision of the ex-Governor as soon as possible, he has been held in custody and subsequently released on suspicion that he is involved in corruption practices. “He stated.
According to him, FOL movement has positively assessed the establishment of Anti-Corruption Task Force and we believe that now is the time that this body, along with Kosovo Special Prosecution, make a balance of their work during 2010.