Response letter: Civil society organizations in support of the protest for the dismissal of the chief prosecutor of the state, Alexander Lumezi

Prishtina, 29 August 2018 – Following the resignation of former Special Prosecutor, Elez Blakaj, we as civil society organizations fully support the protest organized by the group of citizens for the dismissal of the chief prosecutor of the state, Alexander Lumezi. Mr. Blakaj’s resign letter gives signal of weak integrity of the justice system, in particular the state prosecution in the face of political interference, blackmail and threats, which also come from the state’s chief prosecutor.

Interventions of Chief Prosecutor Lumezi to avoid confronting high figures of politics with the justice process are alarming to the justice system in Kosovo. On the other hand, there are enough facts that we as civil society and citizens ask for its immediate resignation.

We strongly believe that only an independent justice system, with integrity and immunity from political interference, can guarantee the rule of law, which is a precondition for the functioning of a democratic state.

The resignation of Chief Prosecutor Lumezi would increase citizens’ confidence in independent justice, so we support the civic protest, and we demand that besides its dismissal, the vetting process in the justice system should begin as in all countries of the region.

We call on all citizens to protest today to guarantee an independent justice tomorrow!

Civil Society Organization:

Demokraci Plus – D+

Grupi për Studime Juridike dhe Politike-GLPS

Iniciativa për Progres – INPO

Instituti Columbus

Instituti D4D

Instituti Demokratik i Kosovës – KDI

Instituti GAP

Instituti i Kosovës për Drejtësi – IKD

Instituti INDEP

Instituti KIPRED

Lëvizja FOL

Organizata Çohu!

Qendra e Trajnimeve dhe Burimeve për Avokim-ATRC

Qendra për Ndihmë Juridike dhe Zhvillim Regjional- CLARD