Parliament voted for the Commissioner for Information and Privacy the candidate recommended two years ago by the British

Prishtina, 17 JUNE 2021 – In the parliamentary session held on June 17, 2021, Krenare Sogojeva Dërmaku was elected Commissioner for Information and Privacy. Mrs. Sogojeva Dërmaku was twice recommended by experts hired by the British embassy for recruitment to senior positions but did not get enough votes.

We express our deep disappointment with the boycott of this process by the opposition. Deputies have a constitutional obligation to stay in the hall and vote. They have failed to meet their obligations.

We invite Mrs.Sogojeva Dermaku to start the very much needed reform of the Agency for Information and Privacy, to select the staff of the agency -especially inspectors- on the basis of merit, to perform the work responsibly and professionally in handling cases related to access to public documents and protect the personal data of the citizens of Kosovo. We invite Mrs. Sogojeva Dermaku to make staff recruitment transparent by allowing civil society to closely monitor these processes. We expect agency decisions to be professionally written, based on European standards, well reasoned and easily accessible on the website.

Regarding the suspicions raised about the documents submitted by Mr. Bujari, the acting head of the parliamentary group, Mrs. Mimoza Kusari Lila, called for the involvement of the prosecution. In order to remove the doubts raised during this process, we suggest the interviewing panel to follow the advice of Ms. Kusari Lila by addressing the prosecution.

We will continue to closely monitor the work of the Information and Privacy Agency.


Flutura Kusari