Letter from Civil Society to Chief Prosecutor Aleksandër Lumezi

Prishtina, 8 June 2018

Honorable Chief Prosecutor of Kosovo, Mr. Alexandër Lumezi,

A few days ago Kosovo’s budget lost 53 million euros with a single government decision. It lost because these funds did not go for the construction of additional mile roads but as a penalty for non-fulfillment of contract obligations by the Kosovo Government. These funds from our “joint wallet” ended up in the bank accounts of a private consortium. The other doubt here is that as an unclear loss of 14 million in 2017 rose to 53 million within a few months.

We, the civil society organizations and individuals who signed this declaration, think that this case should serve as an alarm for the Kosovo Prosecution Office to investigate the possibility of a massive misuse of public money.

When it comes to such large amounts and as evidenced by previous cases of international arbitration, serious doubts arise that non-fulfillment of contractual obligations is intentional and in full coordination with the contractor. The lack of prosecution response in earlier cases has created the comfort zone of mismanagement of public funds.

Any violation of the law should take the deserved punishment, but violations of such magnitude should alert us on national level. If Kosovo – a tired country of chronic poverty is so easily robbed 53 million euros, how can this society foster confidence in its citizens and aspire to be a state with rule of law? We need to be aware that this is the biggest loss of public money, at least publicly known. So, not investigating this urgently it would be a serious omission of the Prosecutor’s Office.

Honorable Chief Prosecutor of Kosovo, the extortion of 53 million euros has the address of the institutions, the decisions taken by these institutions and the relevant documents (specific contracts) that can easily indicate the names of legal persons responsible for this robbery of public property. It is your legal and moral duty to investigate this work to the end and in this endeavor civil society will stand by you, but also will oversight you.

Kosovo citizens have passed the immunity test against corruption. In all researches, low level corruption (during interaction between citizens and the state) is at the lowest levels in the region. But, as opinion polls show, this test still cannot pass the current political class, which through rigid interference continues to undermine the independence of the judiciary and ensure impunity for themselves and people close to them. For the sake of these politicians, the citizens of this country continue to be the only isolated European citizens.

Honorable Chief Prosecutor, in the coming days, will be seen if you will pass this test by observing whether you will comply with your constitutional and legal obligations and commitments that we hear from you and your subordinates in all forums on it which you participate.

Or you will decide to keep silent, closing your eyes to this flagrant case. If you decide to keep silent, we remind you that this society will remember you as a coo responsible and you will no longer have any moral and legal reasons to stay in your position.

The organizations that signed the letter:

Kosovar Center for Security Studies



Lëvizja FOL

Instituti Demokratik i Kosovës (KDI)