FOL announces the Government “Miss Corruption”

Prishtina, July 19, 2011 – Today Movement FOL showed a performance, showing the lack of seriousness of institutions in fighting corruption.
In a strong competition between the Kosovo institutions, which are competing to win the award “Miss Corruption”, the assessment jury, consisting of international reports and FOL continuous monitoring of public institutions of Kosovo, has unanimously decided to award the Government of Kosovo “Miss Corruption”. Considering the high level of corruption, which is widespread in governmental departments, such a decision was neither sudden nor unexpected for senior government officials.
After awarding the first prize, the jury decided to award “the first follower of Miss Corruption” prize to two other “beauties”: PTK and KEC. This award was the result of numerous irregularities in the procurement, fees of out of control and contracts harmful to citizens.

Besides these two prices, the jury decided to award “the second follower of Miss Corruption” the Judicial System of Kosovo. Justifications of the jury have been the lack of judges and prosecutors, numerous irregularities that have accompanied their (re) election, and an unwillingness to solve corruption cases.

Armend Mazreku policy analyst in the Movement FOL said that FOL through this performance express its dissatisfaction and the dissatisfaction of the citizens of Kosovo regarding the high level of corruption in country”s institutions. “In addition, FOL urges all institutions of the country to fight seriously corruption, to work for the sake of the citizens of Kosovo and definitely establish rule of law,” said Mazreku.