Pristina 24 July 2018 – It has been seven years since the start of the electoral reform, it has never been completed and there is no substantial change in this regard.

In order to increase citizens representation and to increase the quality of the elected from the people, with the aim of constituting and consolidating the institutions quickly and sustainably, in order to ensure more functional political system, transparency and accountability of political entities and easier administration of the election process, civil society organizations invite political entities and the Assembly of Kosovo to:

Put priority on the agenda of the electoral reform issue that addresses the problems which were noted in past election processes and base their work on analysis and research.

Ensure that electoral legislation is a reflection of all interest groups, ensuring inclusiveness and respect of citizens’ will regardless their gender or ethnic background.

Take into consideration the recommendations from civil society organization and by the election observation missions of local and international.

Civil society organizations express their willingness to contribute to the process of addressing the shortcomings of the electoral legislation with their expertise to provide free and fair elections in the future.

The organizations that signed the declaration:

Democracy Plus (D+)

Grupi për Studime Juridike dhe Politike (GLPS)

Democracy for Development (D4D)

Kosovo Democratic Institute (KDI)

Instituti i Kosovës për Drejtësi (IKD)

Instituti i Prishtinës për Studime Politike (PIPS)

Instituti Kosovar për Kërkime dhe Zhvillime të Politikave (KIPRED)

Instituti për Politika Zhvillimore (INDEP)

Lëvizja FOL

Organizata “Mundësia”

Organizata per Demokraci, Anti-Korrupsion dhe Dinjitet (ÇOHU!)

Qendra Kosovare për Bashkëpunim Ndërkombëtar (KCIC)

Qendra Kosovare për Studime Gjinore (QKSGJ)

Qendra për Avokim dhe Kulturë Demokratike (ACDC)

Qendra për Paqe dhe Tolerancë (CPT)

Qendra për Politika dhe Avokim (QPA)

Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN)

Rrjeti i Grave të Kosovës (RrGK)

Shoqata “Nëna Terezë” (MTS)

Syri i Vizionit