“Corruption Connecting Politicians”

Prishtina, February 17, 2012 – Citizens of Kosovo today are celebrating the fourth anniversary of independence that came as a result of great sacrifices of the people of Kosovo during many years and the strong support of friendly countries of the freedom-loving peoples.
We all celebrate the creation of the state of Kosovo, which is built on democratic principles, which means a state for citizens, and by citizens.

While today we have lots of reason to celebrate, February 17 should also be a date when we should remember the values and principles on which the state of Kosovo was founded. While the political elite in Kosovo today will speak about the achievements, we will talk about corruption which threatens the state of Kosovo the most.
Corruption and organized crime are harming the economic progress of Kosovo having a direct impact on worsening social situation, the democratic functioning of the state institutions of Kosovo and above all prevent conclusion of supervision of independence of Kosovo.

In this sense, today”s activity, ‘Corruption Connecting Politicians’, is a civic protest against a rude behavior on the part of the country’s political elite, which has lost the country into corruption. Corruption is widespread in all state institutions because this is the will of Kosovo’s political elite, who made the public budget of the country a permanent source of funding of their pleasures.
To build a strong and functional state it is vital that citizens have confidence in institutions. Corruption and organized crime have ruined the relationship between state and citizen. While today we celebrate the political independence, it”s a long way ahead that the state of Kosovo should do to have genuine independence in order to have the self-consistency. Corruption is a major obstacle in this regard.
Corruption and organized crime have clouded the future of Kosovo. The only way to lasting peace in Kosovo, is fighting corruption by the state institutions of Kosovo and interruption of connections between political elites and crime.